We provide service in three different areas, each with its dedicated department lead.


Our shopping team is headed by Tove Bonnedal, a long time fashionista and personal shopper who has a large list of previous clients in her resume.


Rasmus Bonnedal is responsible for the General Entertainment team, trying to help you make the most of now by arranging tickets to events, bookings for venues and basically all other questions or assignments given to us by our valued clients. Having worked as a Personal Assistent for many years before he started MFPQ, he has very good knowledge of the many special needs a high net worth individual is having.


Knowing that busy people also need to take care of themselves, we early on formed a highly talented training team, led by Mats Fredriksson. Prior to starting MFPQ, Mats was working as a Personal Trainer for ten years, and is still ranked among the worlds top class trainers.